Anse Beson

The Beach party started with an anticlimax, outboard won’t start, but minor problem. After about ten min., we were off to Anse Beson. [ See Beach Party photos] We had a ballll!!! We’ll keep You in touch as we go along. Please visit us for more …   One Love         Pow

Boat trip (date Sun. 24 Jan)

After a slight mishap with my gas tank, we set off to join Capt. Ishta & the rest of the group, who were allready out fishing, inour cristal clear Caribean sea.  The Beach Party was a blast. A wide variety of fish was landed, and B.B Q was excellent!!

Captain Powell looking puzzel as to what to do with the boat before sailing out - lol
Captain Powell looking puzzel as to what to do with the boat before sailing out - lol
Cap. powell taking us for a boat ride
Cap. powell taking us for a boat ride

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Vieux Fort St Lucia

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The idea behind and purpose of this website and related activities:

– To attract more visitors (and friends, not tourists) to St Lucia.
– Infrastructure and knowledge to provide out of the ordinary holiday experience is available but mostly unused.
– Networking possibilities having increased greatly through on-line communications and the Internet on the whole, it seems the obvious place to start 😉
– Having visitors meet St Lucian life from within; stay with the people (not in hotels), eat their food, drink their rum.
– Provide local activities with locals as; free- or skin diving, deep sea fishing, shelter building, outside cooking & bbq, learning about local flora & fauna and local usage and properties (herbalism), making bowls out of calabash and other utensils from natural materials.


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