At we want visitors (not tourists) to meet with St Lucian life and life style from within; stay with the people (not in hotels), eat their food, drink their rum.

We provide and arrange for: budget accommodations, guided free diving (no scuba) and boat trips along St Lucia’s beautiful coastline, deep sea fishing trips, outside cooking and beach party BBQ’s, learning about (and respecting local aquatic) animals & plants (some herbalism) and other outdoor activities among which building shelters and making bowls out of calabash.

We want visitors to have an out of the ordinary holiday experience and most of all become and remain friends.

If your looking for a xxx-star-hotel, club-med-like, fancy restaurants and swimming pool kind of holiday, then sorry to disappoint you, this is probably not the place for you. If you are staying, or are planning to stay, in one of St Lucia’s multi-star-hotels, you might want to take a day (or two) off and get to know and view Lucian life as it really is.

If all of the above appeals to you, then go ahead and find out more and get (and probably stay) in touch with Powl and other members of family.
We hope to meet you soon !

Roasting fresh cashew nuts
Roasting fresh cashew nuts


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