Hurricane Tomas Aftermath

Hi Everyone,
As some or most of you must have heard, St lucia was hit severely by hurricane Tomas on October 31st. Luckily Powl’s life and house was spared, some of his trees fell though, but most important: his little fishing boat was lost to the storm. So anyone willing to help, please use the donate option on this website ! A Big thank you to you, every little bit helps, getting Powl back on his afloat.

Grandma's Coconut Secrets
Grandma’s Coconut Secrets

To get Powl’s Guide and fishingtrip business back on track and boost website visitors, I we are considering hosting radio interviews with Powl about a wide range of subjects. We will update when broadcast is planned BlogTalkRadio on some of Powl’s Grandma’s Coconut Secrets.

If you can’t help financially, please help by hitting the Facebook and/or Twitter buttons to let others know about this.

Thanks, Oliver

Getting exited !

Getting excited, soon I will be landing in your back yard. How is the draught? Remember when we were on safari in the country and a friend of yours had a tree house? Lets go see him. Also I have a lady friend in Grace who gave us peppers her daughter grew, lets go see her too. So many happy memories are associated with you Powell, thanks for all the places and people you have introduced me to. See you soon,    Scott

Granmas coconut secrets


In 1978, when when i visited my own home, St lucia, after an eighteen yrs. layoff, I was wild, about what we all call ‘Jelly Coconut’. Which is actually the moment the actual nut is fresh. At that time period the nut is actually green & most of us cut’s spoons right from the exterior shell, [I’ll make photos later] to dish out the the jelly from nut.Very few weeks later, in fact more like day’s, the jelly will become more solid like, untill it becomes to the stage called ‘dry Coconut’ & geared up to make oil, sugary snacks,emulsions,shakes, & all kinds more. Also cleaning soap there can be therefore much to write with regards to that enchanting plant that i dont; know where to start……..

Okay,In the year 1983 I returned home to stick. I got this symbolic whack on the side of my head….

I thought ; the critical problem with creativity, is what you do with your understanding!! So I went after coconut with a vengence. Within a couple of weeks we had something similar to a gallon of coco oil , 3-4 variants coco sweets, several grated fine, some cut or sliced, the children also started utilizing different colours in them. Made coconut waffles, snacks, blended with cornmeal or casava to bake either cake or bread. We went COCO! lol …. Well up to this present day, we all make use of coconut in almost everything we all cook or bake. We were wise enough to plant some 13 trees in our own garden, consequently we all possess regular supply. Just what makes it possibly a lot more pleasant, is definitely that we still utilize granma methods!!

Hello visitor!

Vieux Fort St Lucia

Welcome to Powl the Hobbits skin- and freediving website !

The idea behind and purpose of this website and related activities:

– To attract more visitors (and friends, not tourists) to St Lucia.
– Infrastructure and knowledge to provide out of the ordinary holiday experience is available but mostly unused.
– Networking possibilities having increased greatly through on-line communications and the Internet on the whole, it seems the obvious place to start 😉
– Having visitors meet St Lucian life from within; stay with the people (not in hotels), eat their food, drink their rum.
– Provide local activities with locals as; free- or skin diving, deep sea fishing, shelter building, outside cooking & bbq, learning about local flora & fauna and local usage and properties (herbalism), making bowls out of calabash and other utensils from natural materials.