Hurricane Tomas Aftermath

Hi Everyone,
As some or most of you must have heard, St lucia was hit severely by hurricane Tomas on October 31st. Luckily Powl’s life and house was spared, some of his trees fell though, but most important: his little fishing boat was lost to the storm. So anyone willing to help, please use the donate option on this website ! A Big thank you to you, every little bit helps, getting Powl back on his afloat.

Grandma's Coconut Secrets
Grandma’s Coconut Secrets

To get Powl’s Guide and fishingtrip business back on track and boost website visitors, I we are considering hosting radio interviews with Powl about a wide range of subjects. We will update when broadcast is planned BlogTalkRadio on some of Powl’s Grandma’s Coconut Secrets.

If you can’t help financially, please help by hitting the Facebook and/or Twitter buttons to let others know about this.

Thanks, Oliver